Sunday, July 19, 2009

hello keerthana my darling !

i have been thinking to write some thing about my grand kid keerthana. keerthana is 8 years old and schooling at amrita vidyalayam, ayyanthole, trichur. her father is dr rakesh who is a dentist. dr rakesh has clinic at edappal. her mother is jaisha who is a home maker. keerthana has a little sister mayookha.

once i was at her home just for a family visit with my spouse beenamma and my children rakhi and jayesh. her granma told me that keerthana has some picturs [pencil sketch] and she wants that displayed in my media channel.

i said itz not possible due to some technical issues. but i can do it in a blog and it was published once. and keerthana [chinchu] was very happy.

this morning [19th july 09] she was at my home, kokkalai, trichur to see the sarees we purchased for my daugher in law sethulakshmy. while her parents and my sweet heart beenamma and son jayesh was busy with displaying the sarees, these kids came to me. they wanted to see the fotos in my system.

while they were enjoying the photos, the little one was found talking to me. other wise she is very naughty and hardly come to my. but today she came to and was watching the fotos sitting on my lap.

while looking the photos, she was talking like any thing. i was surprised really with her talk. normally girls do talk more than boys. the little one we call chinnu and the elder one chinju.

their mother jaisha hails from guruvayoor. the home lord krishana [guruvayoorappan]. she looks like as if she has a chinese blend. even i felt the same to my daughter in law sethu. perhaps itz due to my poor vision.

now letz come back to keerthana.

keerthana likes my daughter rakhi too much. usually she never gives any thing to anybody while she is at her home. but she is fond of giving things to my dautgher rakhi. i dont know why she likes only her. some times she felt rakhi is also little girl like her. rakhi is aged 29 but she still looks like a school level girl. many of my friends used to ask her "ethraam classilaa patikkane? [ഏത് ക്ലാസ്സിലാ മോള് പഠിക്കണേ?]. thatz about rakhi. rakhi is a professional archtect b arch, married and settled at cochin.

again coming back to keerthana.
the drawing i had displayed in my blog "voice of trichur" was seen by her parents and grandma and by her class mates and she was found very happy.

today i took some fotos of her and her parents and few video clips of keerthana. it shall be posted in this blog.

so, i am introducing keerthana - my grand kid here.

video clips shall be posted shortly

video clip is ready to view