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PACHEESE WAALA GAADI - short story - 2

Pacheese waala gaadi

Part no. 2

When the train reached church gate everybody rushed together to get out of the compartment. Rahul did not even look at Sunitha even though she was unable to walk properly.

Sunitha sat in d bench for some time. Her boss is a very strict man. She knows that he will harass her if she found reaching d office late. She thought to spend till noon else where and avail half day leave. That would be much more better for her instead of hearing bullshit from her boss.

Suni have been trying to bribe her boss since one year but he was never hooked. He does not care or fond of any girls in her office. He is a good officer and all d staff respected him in his strictness and workmanship.

Suni had to work for him 3 months as secretary and she was about to leave d job as she could not tolerate his strictness and way of work. He will not allow anybody to leave d office without completing d day to date work. He does not mind even staffs have to stay overnight in d office.

Well furnished office is attached with two bedrooms for guests. This could be occupied for staffs during emergency. At the same time he never stay there for no reasons.

Suni phoned from d public booth and informed about her half day leave to HR manager and it was approved. She was not found comfortable to sit till 1 pm in d statioin and thought to go to parul’s office.

While she was about to get inside of a taxi she found Rahul too waiting for a taxi there. Suni could guess that he has seen her, but he did not come to her to talk.

Suni ran to him leaving the taxi but he was vanished when she reached to the spot. Suni was much depressed. She remembered what sethu and parul told her few minites ago. Even then she was after Rahul.

Days were passed and all the three used to see rahul in the train, but suni wanted to talk to rahul and rarely he spoke to her. Suni was at least happy to see his face every day.

One day suni did not see rahul at the station or in the compartment. She moved from one compartment to the another and from one end to other end. Sethu and parul scolded her but she did not listen them.

Suni had taken two hours off that day and went to Morrison tracking rahul. She could locate Morrison without any problem as it was known to all d taxi men.

She was asked to wait for a while at the reception lobby.

Suni was found impatient and went to the reception desk. “can I find out whether mr rahul is present in d office today.

“which rahul.... mam?”

We have three rahuls here. Rahul sathyanath, rahul jagannathan and rahul joseph.

Suni was confused and she could not say any thing.

This rahul is coming from bandra area.

“oh thatz rahul sathianath.”

He is absent today

“should we take any message mam”

No sir, I am moving out.

Sethu and parul had noticed suni during their return journey. They could smell some thing and they have advised her as much as possible.

Suni was found upset and started weeping.

Whatz wrong with you suni.

“I did not meet rahul today.”

“So what”

“who are you to chase and bother about him”

None of us know what he is and who is he. Why you are bothered about a stranger. Do you want to love him or marry him?

“suni kept quite and looked down”

Even it is your ambition, how things will work unless the subject is discussed with him or you build friendsurp with him.

And in case you talk to him and found if his answer is negative what you are going to do.

“sethu please don’t say like that……….. I don’t know why I cannot control my mood” I better don’t go to office from tomorrow for a while or catch some other train and can avoid meeting him.

“that is not end of the story suni.” We all will go in d same train and you should control yourself. Sethu and parul hugged her like a small baby and made her cool down.

Suni took two days off and she wanted to quit her bad thoughts and did not move out of the house. But she could not stay one hour after her routine schedule. She rushed to the station and reached d office and met her immediate boss and joined the duty.

She took a brave decision to follow rahul even she gets a slap from him. The moment train reached bandra station sethu and parul went to their way to home and suni followed where rahul was moving.

Rahul was walking towards two wheelers parking area and about to take his vespa scooter. Suni did not go closer to him. But took a short cut and waved hands looking rahul driving d scooter.

Rahul stopped the scooter.


“can u give me a lift…?”

“no sorry…I don’t carry girls on my back”

Although suni was unhappy she did not show that on her face.

“can you please take just across the road. Hardly 200 meters..?”

Without telling any thing rahul drove away his scooter.

Suni stood at the same place for about half an hour. Rahul found her while he was moving again on the same route.

Rahul stopped the scooter near to her. She thought he is going to give her a lift. But he parked his scooter and asked suni to come near to the coffee shop.

“suni……….. I am not the kind of man you are looking for. Please do not follow me or give me problems.”

I came to know that you came to my office even. I really did not understand your intention. Frankly speaking… I don’t want to make any affair with you. I am a totally lost person.

“why did u ask for a lift.” You have your daily arrangements to get home from d station. Why do you go with a stranger..? we don’t know each other, besides we travel on the same train to our offices.

Tomorrow while we meet at the station or in the train please don’t come to me and disturb me. Itz getting dark, please go home fast.

Rahul did not even ask her where does she stay and about her family backgrounds. He was moving towards his scooter.

“Rahul……… please do not leave me alone……….. please take me.. raahul please…………”

When rahul turned back he found her with tears.

He came back and said.

“don’t be silly, please go home”

“raahul please………..why don’t you show little sympathy……….”

“i am in a hurry…………… I have to pick up somebody on d way………..”

“to pick up somebody…………..?! sunitha murmerred…………. Am I travelling on a wrong path…?”

Sunitha was more worried…………………

“who could be that “somebody”. My goodness………… let it should not be his wife !!!!!!!!

[this is not ending here]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PACHEESE WAALA GAADI - short story - 1

Sunitha, Sethu and Parul used to meet every day Bandra station and towards their journey to church gate. All were at their teens and enjoyed their life maximum. But Sunitha was little different from other two. Sunitha seems to be their leader. All the three working in different firms around church gate. All of them assemble at 5 pm near the book stall at the station for their return journey to bandra.

“come on guys our pachees waala train is coming, letz get up and rush to d compartments. Today being Monday slightly rush”

“Sethu.. pls get me a also a seat as I cannot run after you.. sunitha said and she was much behind d q”

“yes suni… I shall try……in case I don’t get one for you, we shall squeeze and make u sit. Don’t bother”

Sunitha had some sprains in her left foot and was unable to walk fast and depened her friends sethu and parul through out d journey and return.

These 3 girls used to chat to and fro non-stop. Sunitha used to reach bandra station little earlier and had noticed a guy who goes towards church gate. A Tall man with good physique, but he looks tensed mostly. Suni could not talk to him yet although she looked at him several occasions at the plat form and even inside the coach.

Incidently he was there always in d same coach where this thrimoorthies occupied.

During the week end sunitha found him in Jeens and Tshirt. He was looking really a hero. But he never looked at her or d gang or did not bother to listen their conversation.

It was a cool breezy day with slight drizzling. Sunitha was running to the plat form while this man was walking cool in d rain. He also stood near the coffee shop where these girls used to assemble at bandra station.

Sunitha took d scarf from her vanity bag and wiped out d rain drops from her head and shoulders. She offered the cloth to him, but he did not bother to accept it or look at her. He was found very unhappy or upsetness on his face as usual. She tried to stand little closer to him but he moved away.

She did not notice the arrival of sethu and parul.

“kyaa hogaya suni thum ko?........ naaraaz jaisaa diktha hai?

What happened to you dear?... u don’t feel comfortable…?

Whtz d matter…?

Nothing sethu…….

Suni’s mood was not ok and she too was upset just because of her approach to d man. But she tried to hide whatz happened at the station.

Today the thrimoorthies got d seat and the MAN did not. He was standing holding ceiling bar. He was found much upset and rather depressed today.

“look sethu and parul that man might fall down. Some thing wrong to him. See his face…”

“why suni you are bothered about the passengers particularly this gentle man. We used to struggle many days in d train but none of passengers either cared us or offered a set”

“well, this is not that case.. a person looks ill or finds discomfort to stand alone and if we see that, itz our gesture to offer him our seat.”

“ok ok if you sympathy on him you can offer your seat to him”

“ok sethu, just hold my seat, let me go and talk to him”


There was no answer from the MAN

“Hello……… I am asking you……..”

“He lifted his face up and looked at sunitha”

Sunitha was happy in one way as he looked at her

“Whatz wrong with you…… the man grumbled looking at sunitha. please leave me alone”

“See what I am asking you to take my seat…. You are about to fall down and you cannot stand at your own feet…”

“Then where do u sit…….?”

“I can manage that, I am physically fit now and no ailments and can easily stand upto church gate.”

Sunitha was upset again he did not accept her offer. Suni murmuredwhat kind of man z dis….?!

She went to him again and said…..

“Hello friend pls go and sit there for god sake. If you happened to fall in d crowd we cannot just look at that. We are human beings. One should help other.”

“if you don’t want to take my seat we three shall squeeze and make you to sit.”

“sunitha just pulled his hand and made him sit in between them and suni was one said and other sides sethu and parul……..”

Sunitha was happy as she could do some thing great and she thought he is hooked and find a good friend in him…

But he did not bother to talk to him much while sunitha or her friends tried to interact with him.

“whatz yr name sir………”

I am rahul

“I am sunitha, and she is sethu and next to her is parul………”

“where do you work sir…….?”

“don’t call me sir…… call me rahul”

Sunitha thought he might slap her. His face was found rude and eyes were red.

None of them talked to him for a while.

The train was little slow because of the rain and water in d track. He man was looking at the watch very frequently and found little more upset.

As this thrimoorthies were squeezed enough to occupy rahul all of them were discomfortable but sunitha enjoyed the tight situation. She wanted to talk to him again and tried to touch him as much as possible.

“she was afraid whether he might stand up and spend rest moments until their destination.” But it did not happene. Suni took a deep breath……. And said…… thank god…”

Sunitha’s intention was to get closer with him as much as possible. But the MAN was trying to avoid her to the maximum.

Passengers grumbled……. Half an hour again to go to reach church gate. All of them will be late to be at their offices. Where suni was praying to get delayed as much as possible.

Again sunitha……

Sir can I ask you some thing.

“I am sorry… can I ask you some thing rahul……….?

Ther was no answer from him

“sunitha pleaded again…….. rahul………. Wehre are you working………?

“ I am with Morrison.”

Sunitha again took a deep breath….. she was found much happy

“sir….. I am sorry…….. rahul…….. u did not asked me about d place that I am working and my two friends…”

He looked at her face rudely.

“I don’t want to know all this rubbish things, where do u work and what u do and your welfare………”

He got up from d seat and stood near the toilet area……….

Sunitha was very much upset….

Sethu and parul were laughing at her and criticized…………

“suni… u have already spoiled your life with some body and just free from those hazels. Now again after another guy.. whatz wrong with you. Leave him alone. He might be discomfort with you or to the whole world even…..

“I am sorry sethu….. I could not control from d day I met him……. What you said is true. My life was miserable with tony…… thank god we were not legally married and easily separated now.”

“so u are aware of d situations and why after this thoughts to hook this man. He seems to be a good gentle man. He might have some problems, perhaps d same issue u had. Who knows about his welfare. Suni u may leave him alone……….”

this will be continued ......