Thursday, March 25, 2010


nothing is placed here since some times.

yesterday i had posted a malayalam blog which took me to my child hood.

i thought to write similar experience here too.
but i found there are less visitors in this area.
let me try out what will be the outcome with an interesting post here.
every day evening i used to go for jogging. today i selected the area towards left [ south] from my home.

nothing is placed here since some times.yesterday i had posted a malayalam blog which took me to my child hood.i thought to write similar experience here too.but i found there are less visitors in this area.let me try out what will be the outcome with an interesting post here.every day evening i used to go for jogging. today i selected the area towards left [ south] from my home.

i usually come to main road entrace from my home. and stay there looking to the road and both side pedstrains. girls and boys are found returning home. some of them running too to catch bus towards irinjalakuda, kodungalloor, chiyyaram, vadookkara, koorkkenchery etc.
the funny part of trichur city is no transport available from railway station to city area especially the main bus stop near metropolitan hospital.

this is the place people come in large count to catch bus in irinjalakuda > kodungalloor route. poor people have to either walk fast or run from railway station or ksrtc bus station. no bus service from both places toward this area.

there are lotz of people working at ernakulam and cochin and they leave in the morning by train. and they come back in the evening. most of the people will reach trichur railway station by half past 5 or six. there are many people leave their two wheelers at the railway station and catach the train.

these people have no botheration towards return journey. but this is only 5% of the total travellers.

while i tell about the city bus service, there is no bus service from swaraj round to chettiyangadi and koorkkenchery metro hospital area.
people have to go saktan which is a long way.

similarly how to go from swaraj round to west fort and naickanal to patturaickal junction. or patturaickal thru shornur road to swaraj round. no bus service.

ramanilayam to swaraj round thru palace road and return journey no bus service.

swaraj round to mundupalam thru high road and return - no bus sevice.
all these affects the poor public. also railway station to chettiyangadi no bus service.

rich people can afford hiring auto rickshaw. but from railway staion area you dont get auto in peak hours.

there are residential areas thickly populated like saw mill road koorkkenchery [smrra] and aiswarya nagar [agra] also in koorkkenchery. there is no bus service. this area is spread one or two kilometer from thankamani kayattam or kinar stop.

school/college boys and girls have walk down to catch bus. like that there are many residential areas in the city limit where there is no bus service.

all these area concerned officials can think about shuttle service.
++ today my jogging started form my home which is near to metro hospital. i went first to veliyannoor temple which is near to sidhartha regency hotel. after visiting this temple - started my journey and reached mathrubhmi office and visited kulassey temple. then started thru chettiyangadi junction and passed by mariamman temple and jogging continued thru kuruppam road and reached vadakkunnathan temple. from there went thru swaraj round and naickanal and reached thiruvambady temple and from there thru patturaickal junction then to aswany junction and big bazar and from there north bus stand and asokeswaram temple and then to sreekrishna temple and sree bhuvaneswary temple and from there thru swaraj round and reached paramekkaavu temple. before reaching paramekkavu did not forget to pay visit to midhunappilly siva temple.

my journey continued thru swaraj round and medical college area and thru muncipal office road and pattalam road again there is a mariaman temple and another mariamman near to east police station and reached sakthan vegetable market. visited irattachira temple there and journey started from dass continental hotel and thru TB road thru leading hotels like ashoka inn, trichur towers, joys palace, casino hotel and again reached sidhartha regency hotel and reached back my home.
this is one of my jogging route.

i hv different routes every day. during rainy days i used to take remote areas like aalum vettu vazhi, chiyyaram, kuriachira, kannankulangara, munduppalam, nehru nagar etc.

also saw mill road, aiswarya nagar colony etc. also thru cosmo garden, gandhi nagar near to metro hospital.

but i dont forget to visit temples, churches and mosque in respective areas.

there are many thattukada at my jogging paths. there is one amongst them is near to trichur vetenary hospital and jaya bakery kokkalai. i like all the dishes there, especially nut and bolt, porotta, kada eggs, kolli, kadala etc.

my son used to tell his friends and relatives that kokkalai thattu kada should be the best because his dadd is very comfortable with that food.
usually i cannot digest foods of other thattukakadas and some restaurants in the city. my stomach is very sensitive.

when we have guests calling on unexpectadly we used to cater food from this thattukada.

there are also thattukakadas at railway station road, kinar junction areas and MG road. i used to taste food from all the places. but i liked the most from kokkalai junction.

you too can join for jogging with me.

my health secret is my jogging and swimming. i dont swim every day but don't leave jogging.

i have a bad habit of drinking beer. foaster is my brand.

there is permit room area near to the swimming pool where i go. but i can't go from the pool without having at least one bottle of beer.
drinking beer is my weakness.

i like draft beer which is not available in kerala. usually it is served in pubs. those drinks are available in bangalore or chennai. i could never visit pubs at chennai. but bangalore i could.

most of my days and my teen was spent in dubai, muscat and germany.
there i could enjoy my life.

i used to go belly dance most of the days while i was at muscat. there i used to consume lotz of draft beer. double diamond, foaster, heinekken, amstel, foaster etc.

ha ha ha... that was a good life.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jack Fruit

this year we did not get much jack fruit. itz grown much in my village cheruvathany. i could have brought it in my vehicle. but to clean the vehicle after the transportation is difficult, so i did not bother to bring to my home at trichur.
here my wife beena like jack fruit too much.
but the problem she makes syrup, cake and gelly sort of other byproducts with it and the smell in the kitchen last for long and it makes some times head ache to me.
here only she eats it. i might eat for a day or two.
the seed is used for cooking in our village adding tender mango. my mother used to make this delicious curry. but here my wife did not want to make as she does not like that way of cooking.
after taking out the fruit the remaining parts is given to cattle. but here in the city home as there is no cow or other animals we just throw away.
while i went for a wedding engagement few days ago, beena told me that there are plenty of jack fruit in a tree the back side of my home. and she wanted to cut few fruits and keep in my car. but i refused as the sticky sort of material while cutting the fruit will stick all over and once it is spread in the upholstry etc. it can never be cleaned or removed.
she said she will pack it well in the polythene bag and keep it safely in the car. but i did not agree.
poor lady she might have cursed this husband.
we have planted a tree in our home at trichur two years ago, but no fruits yet. but the neigbouring house there is a tree with full of fruits.
i shall buy few fruits from mercy and give to her. if itz from the next home there is no head ache of transportation and mess up the car etc.
what ever may be the risk and difficulties of transportation the fruit is very tasty !!!!!!!!!!