Tuesday, May 20, 2014



while i was in d boarding school i used to serve like this. once my teacher asked me "why you are keen to do this serving often while others are reluctant..?" 

 i said " i do this because at the end there will be too much stock left over food and my tummy could be filled with what ever i like". .. i was sent to boarding school at the age of 10 and i never liked to stay there and study. but there was no alternative except to obey the order of my mother. she said she cannot look after both children and the 2nd son that is my younger brother was very naughty.

 this brother has become world famous author, tv anchor, good orator, film star etc. v. k. sreeraman.... during all vacations my mother used to come and take me home. . but i tried maximum to stay back home and not to go to boarding school.... in fact sreeraman was the ideal student for this boarding school.
i was comparatively a silent calm   boy and there was not at all a problem to look after me.

any way thank u hema for this lovely fotos and this could take me to my childhoo .... i hv lotz of remembrance like this.i shall them later... 

foto courtsey : hemalatha potty